Crazy Girl: La Pazza Notte T-Girl

Event at EXCALIBUR Swinger Club Privé

Crazy Girl: La Pazza Notte T-Girl

From 22.00 onwards

An event designed to let your individuality shine, the club will transform into a realm of bold colours, flashing lights and rousing sounds, creating the perfect environment to explore and celebrate diversity.

The night will be an explosive mix of fashion, entertainment and socialising.

Available to members

T-Girl Beauty Salon: An oasis for your transformation, you can make your look shine even more.

Glam Photographic Area: A photographic set where you can capture the most incredible moments of the evening and share your unique style.

Exclusive Lounge: A dedicated area for socializing in a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere.

Dress Code:

Freedom, creativity, audacity!
Dress in your most extravagant style and let your individuality shine, madness and freedom will reign supreme.

The evening is open to everyone, Trans, Trav, Couples and Singles, we look forward to seeing many of you!!

02/06/2024 : Sunday Party
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