Below you will find information that will help you understand what a private swinger club is.

There are few rules to know, but they must be clear to everyone.

You are about to read, in our opinion, perhaps the most important page of the site, aimed at all members who are facing this world for the first time.

The information you are going to read will allow you to live your first experience with absolute awareness.

Let's start by saying that the "EXCALIBUR Swinger Disco Club" is a private club, generally known as a private club, or club for swingers.

The definition club privè is used for all private premises with entrance allowed only and exclusively to members duly registered in the association itself.

The term club privè generally refers to the swinger genre, to "swinger clubs" but it is also used very often by different types of clubs such as sex clubs, night clubs, lapdance.

Inside, you can usually find a bar, a disco area, a smoking area, a buffet corner, a room for meeting and interacting, a SPA, a restaurant area and obviously the private area.

The use of smartphones and cameras is absolutely forbidden in the club.

The welcome dress code is elegant for him and elegant and transgressive for her.

As already anticipated, it is possible to attend only if associated: the advice is to go to the club headquarters to receive all the information necessary to ensure that everything is clear to you.

After we get to know each other and you have received all the information you need, you can apply to join the association.

If you wish, you can anticipate your membership request in the club membership section.

On average, the age of the members is over 40, even if it has dropped significantly in recent years and the club is often frequented by younger people.

The moment you decide to approach this world, remember that age and physical appearance don't matter very much, the most important component is the cerebral one: if for you the external appearance is fundamental you could risk being disappointed.

Whether you are a couple or single, remember that the first approach is essential: never take anything for granted.

Education, respect and cleanliness are essential for a good continuation.

Should a partner approach you looking for a first approach, always remember the place where you are: it is lawful to make an offer (of course it must be done with politeness, tact and absolute respect) but if the situation does not be to your liking, just decline the offer with a smile.

We remind individuals that if you think you have found a situation that suits you, I suggest you never propose yourself too directly by addressing her without taking into consideration her partner: it is better to introduce yourself and get to know both of them, trying to understand how much he likes your company.

A swinger couple will never have contact with you without the consent of both.

Remember: never make comments or speak loudly about members.

If you've read this far, we thanks you; we hope it could have been useful in helping you understand what we consider a splendid reality.

We wish you a lot of fun; always keep in mind to start step-by-step, one small step at a time.

When you deem it appropriate, we will be happy to get to know you and put you in a position to live your first experience.

Paolo and Lyuba

23/06/2024 : Sunday Party
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