EXCALIBUR Swinger Club Privé

We list here below the services of "EXCALIBUR Swinger Disco Club".


Once you arrive at the Excalibur Club Privé, the friendly and knowledgeable staff will welcome you, ready to listen and answer any questions and needs you may have.

If you are satisfied with what you have heard, you can join and start attending the private club.


Those who, for any reason, cannot leave the house with an outfit that complies with the dress code for the evening, will find a dressing room inside the club to change and make-up.


You can enjoy excellent cocktails, drinks, alcoholic and super alcoholic, sparkling and non-bubbly, water, coffee.

Self-service BUFFET

On weekends, an always different hot/cold buffet is always available to members.


Do you love to dance? At your disposal DJ set and entertainer, to brighten up your evening with all the latest commercial successes, disco 70/80/90, Latin and more.


At your disposal a large room with various seats to deepen your knowledge with the other members or simply to observe the transgressive catwalk of the members present.


For those who wish, on selected evenings, you will have the opportunity to dine directly at the club, getting to know other members to prepare a pleasant continuation of the evening.


A small, nice photographic set is available to members to allow them, in maximum privacy, to take photos, shot short movies and produce other content for their social networks and for Onlyfans in a dedicated and well equipped area of the club.


Those who wish to smoke a cigarette can do so in a dedicated area outside.


An outdoor area of about 250 square meters is available to members to enjoy summer evenings while sipping a cocktail or smoking a cigarette.


For those who wish, the evening can continue in the private area, where you will find various situations that are different from each other in terms of space and layout.


In the private area, at your disposal, a movie room: the large and spacious seats will allow you to enjoy the screening.

The decision is up to you whether to be spectators or ACTORS!


The club is equipped with air intake and recycling systems, ensuring that there is always purified air inside.


The EXCALIBUR swinger club has a large, private and reserved car park of around 3000 square metres.

There is also the possibility of a very convenient and free parking (with an overnight stay if desired) for campers and caravans; it will also be possible to take advantage of the connection to the electricity and water networks. You can therefore park your vehicle without problems a few meters from the entrance to the private club. More information here.


Little note to avoid confusion for those unfamiliar with the swinger world:

- at the Excalibur private club you can enjoy good drinks but we are not a bar

- you can eat something from the buffet available to members but we are not a restaurant

- if you want it will be possible to go wild on the dance floor with dj sets and entertainment but we are not a disco club

Excalibur disco club is a swinger club, a private club for swingers.

If what we have written is not clear enough, we will be happy to answer your questions: just go to the contact page and write us what you wish.

We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

23/06/2024 : Sunday Party
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