Epiphany Night Party

Event at EXCALIBUR Swinger Club Privé

Epiphany Night Party

From 22.00 onwards

The Big Epiphany Night at Club Excalibur: An Unforgettable Party Continues!

Friends of the night and magic seekers, the wait is almost over!

La Befana is preparing to descend from the stars and join us in an enchanted night at Club Excalibur.

As the sun disappears over the horizon, the mysteries of the night come to life, and our party will reach peak ecstasy.

The Befana will slide into our club from distant lands, bringing with her her magical touch and the promise of an unforgettable evening.

When the moonlight illuminates the dance floor, Club Excalibur will transform into a realm of enchantment, where music and magic will merge into a unique experience.

The invitation is open to all:
Come dressed up, disguised, or just as you are. La Befana awaits you without prejudice, ready to share her magic with anyone whose heart is open to adventure.

Don't just stand by and watch, be part of the magic!

The night is approaching, and Club Excalibur awaits you for a party that will remain in your hearts.

Join us as the Befana descends from the sky and the fun reaches indescribable heights!

28/06/2024 : Glory Hole Party
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