T- Women's Day

Event at EXCALIBUR Swinger Club Privé

T- Women's Day

From 22.00 onwards

Celebrating Trans Beauty - trav:
A Special Day for T-Girls and T-Women

Join us for a special day dedicated to celebrating the beauty, strength and femininity of transgender people in honor of Women's Day.
This intimate event is designed to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for T-Girls and T-Women, where they can feel appreciated and celebrated for who they truly are.

A dressing room for make-up and style is at your disposal: Make yourself comfortable in our dedicated dressing room.

Moments of Relaxation and Wellbeing: Dedicate time to yourself in a quiet and relaxing space, where you can regenerate and recharge your energy.

This is a time to connect with other people who understand your challenges and triumphs, creating meaningful and lasting connections.

Join us for a day of beauty, support and celebration dedicated to T-Girls and T-Women on Women's Day.

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