Masquerade Party Night

Event at EXCALIBUR Swinger Club Privé

Masquerade Party Night

From 22.00 onwards

Masquerade Party: Unravel Your Mystery"

Come and immerse yourself in elegance and mystery at our Masquerade Party!

Put on your most fascinating mask and get ready to dance into the night.

The first 10 couples will receive exclusive masks provided by the club.

Join us for an evening of intrigue, glamor and fun. Don't miss the chance to find out who's behind the mask!

Upon your arrival at the Masquerade Party, you will be greeted by an enchanting atmosphere, with soft lighting, luxurious decorations and a palpable energy of anticipation.
The club staff will welcome you and give you your mask, thus making the start of your evening a magical experience.

Once you don your mask, you can explore the venue and join other guests in the festive atmosphere.
Couples will dance to captivating rhythms, while strangers will exchange mysterious glances, fueling the curiosity to discover who hides behind each mask.

During the evening, you can enjoy delicious cocktails and appetizers prepared especially for the occasion, while immersing yourself in the intriguing atmosphere of the Masquerade Party.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience a night of charm and mystery at our Masquerade Party.

An experience that will make you feel part of a secret and fascinating world, where masks hide and reveal at the same time.

28/07/2024 : Sunday Party
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