KETTY, I miei Primi 40 Anni... da Trav!

Event at EXCALIBUR Swinger Club Privé

KETTY, I miei Primi 40 Anni... da Trav!

From 22.00 onwards

Excalibur Swinger Disco Club Presents:
Ketty, My first 40 years... as a Trav.

T-GIRL Party Night, an evening dedicated to the splendid T-GIRL world and to all its admirers.

A dance of colors, a written destiny.

The first 40 years: a sincere adventure,
with lots of fun and hidden secrets.

An extraordinary experience of celebration and authenticity!

A trip through gender expression and an explosion of creativity.

Join us for an unforgettable evening, full of emotion, expression and fun!

Let's celebrate together the beauty of being authentic.

We look forward to seeing many of you to celebrate Ketty: don't miss an exciting night but... as always, very Hot!

The night is open to Trans-Trav, libertine and transgressive couples and singles, who want to spend a cheerful, carefree and... very HOT evening!

An alternative night to freely express your fantasies, Remember: "Love Has No Gender".

Participate for a front row seat as a protagonists!

From 10.00 pm, a Fluid Sex Evening dedicated to all those who love to experiment; an evening without limits where every nuance of your sexuality will be free to express itself.

Remember, at Excalibur Swinger disco club we are not interested in your sexual orientation: with us you can experience your sexuality FREELY!

Until 31/12/2023 couples, trans, trav who book their presence with a Whatsapp message to 3516036080 will be guests of the club; individuals will get a discounted rate, first drink required.

13/07/2024 : Happy Birthday To Me
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